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Product Design and Manufacture
Electronics Development
PCB Layout Design
Software and Firmware
3D Enclosure Design For Both Metal and Plastic
We also sell a range of development boards for both makers and rapid prototyping

Products The products I sell are intended for use by developers and makers, both professional and hobbyist alike. They consist of display boards and development boards that aid in rapid prototyping. All are the result of a need I had for these products when working on my own projects, but being unable to find what I needed online I decided to produce my own. Most products will have schematics and firmware available to aid their use and some will have 3D printer files downloadable from Thingiverse. Also each product has a downloadable data sheet listing specifications and physical dimensions.

Projects These are items I’m currently working on. Some may become products in the future but not all. Again there will be source code material made available to anyone who is interested.

Tutorials Simple tutorials on a wide range of topics, from electronics to bread making. They may consist of a long list of instructions on how to build something, or a quick video explaining how to use a software feature.

Downloads Sample code for Arduino, ESP8266 and ESP32 projects plus 3D design files for project enclosures and other parts.