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MottramLabs along with consultancy work design I manufacture a range of circuit boards for both professional and hobbyists alike. They were all designed to solve a need I had with my own projects. I could not find these boards for sale online so I designed my own. I figured that others would also find them useful, so I decided to sell them.

Software used I use mostly open source software and for many reasons. Cost is a big reason, proprietary CAD software is very expensive and requires an ongoing financial commitment, I’ve been there and it’s very expensive. Other reasons include the quality of the open source software can often be exceptionally good, probably because it’s developed by people that use it themselves. It’s always a good idea to support these projects anyway you can, even buying a coffee mug helps.

Kubuntu – Desktop OS

FreeCAD – 3D Design Software

LibreCAD – 2D Design Software

KiCad EDA – Schematic and PCB Layout

Arduino IDE – Arduino Programming

Geany – Text Editor and ID

LibreOffice – Office suite

Kdenlive – Video editor

The Gimp – Image Manipulation

Audacity – Audio Editor

Sales are done through eBay and Tindie although I'm open to larger orders directly, please email for a quote. Custom design and manufacturing service also available.