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A range of development and prototyping boards for makers and electronics enthusiasts

Schematics and sample code available, plus 3D case designs
New Product
A range of display boards featuring the popular MAX7219 display driver chip.

prototyping boards
A range of prototyping boards both matrix and strip types, some with on-board voltage regulators.

List Of Prototyping Board Products

Boards designed for the popular ESP8266 and ESP32 modules. These include USB programmers, switch panels, LED displays and LED matrix drivers.

LED drivers
A range of boards designed to drive LED strips. Boards to drive LEDs with onboard drivers (WS2812) and boards to drive RGB and RGBW LED strips are available.

A range of prototyping shields for the popular Nano and Uno boards. These include LED displays and prototyping matrix boards. Schematics are available for these boards.

stm - pi
A range of boards for the STM8/STM32 microcontrollers and boards for the Raspberry Pi.